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ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner - Car Accessories - Small 12V High Power Handheld Portable Car Vacuum w/Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag - Detailing Kit Essentials for Travel, RV Camper

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- PRACTICAL: A mini vacuum for car or truck that is compact, lightweight (2.4 lbs), and easy to use. Equipped with a HEPA filter, this small dustbuster is ready for ash, dust, or drive-thru food spills. A fully loaded interior car detailing kit housed in an ergonomic design - POWERFUL: This hand held vacuum is made for on-the-go use and solving out-of-reach problems. A very sandy day at the beach? A coat of dog hair? The portable vacuum cleaner for car is designed to solve problems - STRONG SUCTION: The cyclonic force and strong suction of the 106w motor on these handheld vacuums will terminate any dirt, debris, or hard-to-reach crumbs. Our mini car vacuum even has a top of the line washable filter - CAR CLEANING KIT: Includes 3 attachments for detailing (flathead, extendable, or brush nozzle), carry bag, filter brush, and spare HEPA filter. Must-have car accessories for women or men; these gadgets will keep the interior cute and tidy - CONVENIENT: Is the battery always dying when you need a car vac? These truck accessories for men & women use the 12v aux outlet. The 16-foot cord gives the slack needed to clean the back seat or trunk without a snag. Also great for cleaning boats with a 12V cigarette lighter port or are within the 16ft cord range

Color: Black

Amazon Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Non-Abrasive, Reusable and Washable, Pack of 48, Blue/White/Yellow, 16" x 12"

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- Microfiber 16 x 12-inch cleaning cloth (48-pack); ideal for cleaning cars, trucks, boats, and more - Ultra-soft and non-abrasive; will not scratch paints, vinyl, glass, finishes, or other surfaces - Effectively cleans either dry or with liquid cleaners for streak-free results and a lint-free shine - Durable and absorbent; soak up 8 times their own weight - Can be reused hundreds of times - Machine washable for easy care

Color: Blue/White/Yellow    Style: Pack of 48

Chemical Guys SPI22516 Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant (Safe on Dash, Leather, Vinyl, Plastics, Trim, Glass, Fabric & More), 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) (Black Cherry Scent)

( 0.02384219 BCH )

- ONE CLEANER TO RULE THEM ALL: Rather than use separate cleaners for leather, vinyl, plastic, carpet, cloth, glass, and wood, Chemical Guys developed Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant Black Cherry Scent; with just one product, you can now clean and protect virtually all interior surfaces and leave your ride smelling Black Cherry fresh! - FRESH BLACK CHERRY SCENT: Enjoy the fresh scent of black cherry in every wipe; clean, protect, and refresh your ride with an amazing scent using Total Interior Black Cherry! - SIMPLIFY YOUR DETAILING ARSENAL: Save time and money with one do-it-all product; keep your interior fresh, clean, and looking like new; clean without worrying about damaging surfaces; clean and protect nav and touch screens too! - USE IT AT HOME, OFFICE SPACES, AND CAR: Use Total Interior Black Cherry to clean many different surfaces around your house, garage, and car, now cleaning many different surfaces is made easy using Chemical Guys Total Interior! - FAST, EASY & FUN: Total Interior Black Cherry helps shield interior car parts from harsh sunlight; helps prevents cracking and fading on plastics; Total Interior Black Cherry wipes clean with no greasy feel; without adding extra gloss or shine; it only restores the stock finish - WON'T STAIN OR ETCH SENSITIVE AREAS: Remove light dirt and stains from carpets and floor mats, clean soda from cupholders, and erase fingerprints from navigation screens and wood dashboard trim

Size: 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)    Style: Black Cherry    Pattern Name: CLEANER Only

NOVUS 7082 | Heavy Scratch Remover #3 | 8 Ounce Bottle

( 0.01901012 BCH )

- 8 Ounce bottle of NOVUS #3 Heavy Scratch Remover - High quality scratch remover for heavy scratches on acrylic and most plastic surfaces - Great for restoring weather damaged plastics, auto headlamps, boats, aquariums, windshields, helmet shields, goggles, and significantly reduces haziness - Part of the 3-Step system to provide a clean, highly polished, static & dust free surface - Prepares acrylic surfaces for polishing & finishing - NOVUS #3 is a heavy plastic scratch remover, and NOVUS #2 will polish out lighter imperfections in Lucite and Plexiglass surfaces

Style: #3 Heavy Scratch Remover

NOVUS 7020 | Plastic Clean & Shine #1 | 8 Ounce Bottle

( 0.01986518 BCH )

- Convenient 8 Ounce spray bottle of NOVUS #1 Clean and Shine - Excellent for polishing out scratches in windshields, helmet shields, goggles, and significantly reduces haziness - Contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals and leaves a smooth, clean, greaseless shine and resists fingerprints - Perfect for protecting, cleaning and polishing acrylic/polycarbonate protective shields. Use the NOVUS Plastic Polish #1 to keep your shields clear and safeguarded from scratches - This bottle of cleaner can be used on any plastic or acrylic surface, for an anti-static, smudge-, and scratch-resistant coat to keep your display cases, salad bars, and buffet presentations looking pristine and inviting. You'll only need to use one bottle for all of your plastic and acrylic surfaces

Style: #1 Plastic Clean & Shine

PMK GRUPO - Luz V16 Holomogada DGT | Luz Emergencia Coche Averia [Visibilidad 1 Km] Baliza con Base Imantada - 2 Unidades

( 0.05070542 BCH )

- Luz emergencia V16 homologada DGT para la preseñalización de peligro tanto para coches como para motos | Compatible con la normativa de seguridad vial vigente - 2 modos de uso - Luz rotatoria de emergencia de color amarillo [aporta visibilidad en un radio de 1 km en condiciones de baja luminosidad] o modo linterna con luz blanca y dos intensidades disponibles | Activación sencilla con 1 click - Emergencia o 2 clicks - Linterna - Esta señal V16 homologada es fácil de colocar sin bajar del coche al contar con un potente imán que permite su perfecta sujeción [sin dañar la pintura del vehículo] | Soporta vientos de más de 80 km/h, lluvia intensa o nieve | Funcionamiento asegurado en temperaturas de -10ºC a +50ºC - Dispositivo de reducidas dimensiones - 6,8 x 4,05 x 9 cm - Perfecto para poder guardar 1 o varios dispositivos en la guantera del coche o en el baúl de la moto - Requiere de 3 pilas AAA [Incluidas] | Complementa a los triángulos de emergencia pero no los sustituye | 2 unidades

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