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Help / Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a wish is very similar to buying in any online store. You simply have to add the products to the basket, create the wish, configure it and publish it. Once published it can start receiving proposals.

If you want to add a product to a wish from an external store, but the product does not exist in Bitgree yet, you can do so by pasting the product URL of the external store in the Bitgree search bar. The product will be imported, and it will appear in Bitgree, so you can add it to a wish in the usual way.

Yes, you can freely choose the price at which you would like to pay the product and the shipping costs. We recommend that you assign a price slightly higher than the price in the external store (+1%). This way there will be more incentives for another user to make a proposal and make the purchase of the product for you in the external store.

No, product prices on Bitgree are updated every few days from external stores. Therefore, it is important that you check the product price in the external store before creating a wish or accepting a proposal, as it may not exactly match the price listed on Bitgree.

Bitgree charges 0.5% fee for each outgoing transaction from escrow's balance. As normally for each wish/proposal agreement there is only one transaction outgoing from the escrow, it could be summarized that Bitgree charges a fee of 0.5%.

In a normal finalization of the agreement, the fee is paid by the user who created the wish. In a custom transaction from escrow, the fee is paid between the recipients of the transaction.

You can cancel your wish at any time, as long as a proposal has not yet been accepted. If a proposal has already been accepted and an escrow has been created, you can cancel the wish by making a custom transaction from the escrow (and the other party accepts and signs it) that leaves the escrow balance at zero.

Of course, you can also start a dispute at any time, if you do not reach an agreement with the other party to cancel the wish amicably.