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Help / Frequently Asked Questions

You just need to navigate through Earn Bitcoin Cash section, choose a proposal, click on the "Make a Proposal" button, configure its prices and create it. Then the user who created the wish can accept or reject it.

Yes, you can freely choose the amount that you are willing to receive for buying the product in the external store. We recommend that the amount is slightly higher (+1%) than the price of the product in the external store, so that you get a profit for being an intermediary. And if possible, the amount you choose should also be similar to the price assigned in the wish, since this way there will be more possibilities for the user to accept your proposal.

No, product prices on Bitgree are updated every few days from external stores. Therefore, it is important that you check the product price in the external store before creating a proposal, as it may not exactly match the price listed on Bitgree.

Yes, you can make proposals to wishes of any country, as long as you can make the payment in the external store. When browsing the wishes, the currency of the external store of each one is displayed.

You can cancel your proposal at any time, as long as it has not yet been accepted. If your proposal has already been accepted and an escrow has been created, you can cancel the proposal by making a custom transaction from the escrow (and the other party accepts and signs it) that leaves the escrow balance at zero.

Of course, you can also start a dispute at any time, if you do not reach an agreement with the other party to cancel the proposal amicably.