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How Bitgree Works


Create a wish with the products you want to buy

Browse the Bitgree website to find the products you would like to buy, add them to the wish basket and create the wish. Specify the price you would like to pay for the product and shipping costs when creating the wish.

If you can't find a product on Bitgree you can paste the product's URL from a supported external store into the search bar, and the product will be imported into Bitgree.

Buy Things with BCH 


Make a proposal to a wish and earn BCH

Make a purchase proposal to a wish, and if it is approved, make the purchase in the external store on behalf of the user who created the wish. You can freely choose the price of your proposal.

The product will be sent directly to the user's address from the external store, and you will receive Bitcoin Cash in return.

Earn Bitcoin Cash 


Purchase funds secured in BCH multisignature escrow

When a wish accepts a proposal, its user must transfer the purchase amount to a multisignature BCH escrow. To unlock the escrow funds 2 of 3 signatures are needed. Escrow signers are the wish's user, the proposal's user and Bitgree. If the wish ends normally, the escrow funds will be unlocked with the signatures of both users.

In case of dispute, both users will expose their version to Bitgree, which will make a decision based on the evidence presented. The winner of the dispute will receive the escrow funds, unlocked through Bitgree's signature along with the winner's signature.


Buy with BCH at stores that don't (yet) accept it

At Bitgree, through third parties, you can buy things paying with BCH in stores that don't (yet) accept it. In addition, being a peer to peer process, it works in a decentralized way. You can buy things or get Bitcoin Cash without using an exchange.

Use or earn Bitcoin Cash privately. No one except the other party to the agreement will know that you are using Bitcoin Cash. Not even the store will know that Bitcoin Cash has been used as a payment intermediary.

External stores supported by Bitgree are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, We are working to add many more stores in the near future.