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Help / Frequently Asked Questions

Chat messages are encrypted up to the Bitgree server, but not P2P between users. Bitgree has access to user messages. We are working so that messages are encrypted P2P between users, and that Bitgree can only have access to them in the event that a user of the agreement opens a dispute. In fact, our goal is to encrypt P2P not only chat messages, but with all the data of the agreement (delivery address, etc).

Bitgree will have access to the messages you send with other users, and the details of the agreements (shipping address, etc). Additionally, some intermediate providers may also have access to the data, such as Cloudflare and Pusher. We are working to minimize access to your data by intermediate providers, probably also offering access to Bitgree through the Tor network and an onion service, for those users who prefer it. We are also working so that Bitgree's access to your data is only possible if one of the members of an agreement opens a dispute, through P2P encryption between both.

Yes, as long as you use a collection point type address that allows it. For example, with Amazon Hub Locker you do not need to provide any data to the proponent or to Bitgree (except for your email). Simply with a code that the proponent will provide you, you will be able to pick up the product.

If you don't want anyone (not even the other member of the agreement) to know your real address, you can use an intermediate package forwarding service. For example, you could use Tiptrans, with service in several countries and accepting payments in Bitcoin Cash.

You can also use collection points instead of your real address, as long as the external store and Bitgree support them. For example, you can use Amazon Hub Locker, Amazon Hub Counter or Mercado Libre Agencies.