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Gya Labs Pure Helichrysum Oil for Skin - 100% Natural Helichrysum Essential Oil - Helichrysum Essential Oil Organic for Skin & Aromatherapy (0.17 fl oz)

  • EFFECTIVE FOR BUMPY-LOOKING SKIN: Helichrysum Oil offers organic support for skin issues like marks and bruises. Dilute 1-2 drops with Carrier Oil for skin massage.
  • SOOTHES SKIN: Helichrysum Essential Oil gently calms skin. Massage 3 drops with a Carrier Oil on the face for a soothing experience.
  • NATURALLY SOOTHES DISCOMFORT: Helichrysum Oil may provide soothing effects. Dilute 3 drops with a Carrier Oil for a roll-on application.
  • QUALITY ASSURED FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND: Gya Labs Helichrysum Essential Oil is 100% Natural and undergoes strict quality controls.
  • EXPERTLY BOTTLED & PACKAGED: Gya Labs Essential Oils are crafted with the finest botanicals. Our oils are carefully handled to deliver a premium experience for you to enjoy.
  • A TRUSTED NAME IN AROMATHERAPY OILS: Gya Labs Helichrysum Essential Oil is sourced from the finest Slovenian helichrysum flowers, ensuring 100% Natural Oil
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