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HIQILI 32 Fl Oz Eucalyptus Essential Oil, 100% Pure Natural Eucalyptus Oil for Diffuser, Humidifier - 1000ML

  • HIQILI eucalyptus essential oil (Eucalyptus Globulus) is steam distilled from natural eucalyptus leaves, without additives, undiluted and without fillers, Ideal for aromatherapy and relaxation!
  • Keep Airways Clear and Have A Great Night - Eucalyptus oil reduces nasal congestion, aids breathing and relaxation, to help you have a nice sweet dream.
  • Purifies Air and Keeps Critters Away - Eucalyptus essential oils have a cool, fresh scent that removes odors and keeps critters away.Essential oils for summer.
  • Cleaning Spray - HIQILI eucalyptus oil essential oil is blended with lemon essential oil and peppermint essential oil in a spray bottle and works great as a homemade cleaning product in the gym's steam room.
  • Essential oils eucalyptus can also be used for diffuser, skin, aromatherapy, steam room, candles, shower and humidifiers. Note: Please dilute pure eucalyptus oil before applying it to the skin.
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