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Hugo Stinnes (Classic Reprint)

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No description available.

The Myth of Mental Illness: Foundations of a Theory of Personal Conduct

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“The landmark book that argued that psychiatry consistently expands its definition of mental illness to impose its authority over moral and cultural conflict.”  — New York Times The 50th anniversary edition of the most influential critique of psychiatry every written, with a new preface on the age of Prozac and Ritalin and the rise of designer drugs, plus two bonus essays. Thomas Szasz's classic book revolutionized thinking about the nature of the psychiatric profession and the moral implications of its practices. By diagnosing unwanted behavior as mental illness, psychiatrists, Szasz argues, absolve individuals of responsibility for their actions and instead blame their alleged illness. He also critiques Freudian psychology as a pseudoscience and warns against the dangerous overreach of psychiatry into all aspects of modern life.

Electro-Voice RE20 Broadcast Announcer Microphone with Variable-D

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- Professional quality dynamic cardioid microphone with studio condenser-like performance - The classic sound of FM radio voices with smooth, natural, and controlled sonic character - The Variable-D design and heavy-duty internal pop filter excel for close-in voice work, while an internal element shock-mount reduces vibration-induced noise - Steel case and hum-bucking coil provide exceptional magnetic shielding and guards against line hum - Great for podcasts, voice-over work, audiobook narration, talk shows, sports announcers, radio, broadcasting, and music production

Color: Gray    Pattern Name: Microphone

The Routledge Guidebook to Machiavelli's The Prince (The Routledge Guides to the Great Books)

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Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Prince is one of the most influential works in the history of political thought and the adjective Machiavellian is well-known and perhaps even over-used. So why does the meaning of the text continue to be debated to the present day? And how does a contemporary reader get to grips with a book full of references to the politics of the early 16th Century? The Routledge Guidebook to Machiavelli’s The Prince provides readers with the historical background, textual analysis, and other relevant information needed for a greater understanding and appreciation of this classic text. This guidebook introduces: * the historical, political and intellectual context in which Machiavelli was working * the key ideas developed by Machiavelli throughout the text and the examples he uses to illustrate them * the relationship of The Prince to The Discourses and Machiavelli’s other works Featuring a timeline, maps and suggestions for further reading throughout, this book is an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to be able to engage more fully with The Prince.

The Idiot

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It comes with proper and safe packaging. It can be used for gifting purpose.

Against the Gods

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A Business Week, New York Times Business, and USA Today Bestseller "Ambitious and readable . . . an engaging introduction to the oddsmakers, whom Bernstein regards as true humanists helping to release mankind from the choke holds of superstition and fatalism." ―The New York Times "An extraordinarily entertaining and informative book." ―The Wall Street Journal "A lively panoramic book . . . Against the Gods sets up an ambitious premise and then delivers on it." ―Business Week "Deserves to be, and surely will be, widely read." ―The Economist "[A] challenging book, one that may change forever the way people think about the world." ―Worth "No one else could have written a book of such central importance with so much charm and excitement." ―Robert Heilbroner author, The Worldly Philosophers "With his wonderful knowledge of the history and current manifestations of risk, Peter Bernstein brings us Against the Gods. Nothing like it will come out of the financial world this year or ever. I speak carefully: no one should miss it." ―John Kenneth Galbraith Professor of Economics Emeritus, Harvard University In this unique exploration of the role of risk in our society, Peter Bernstein argues that the notion of bringing risk under control is one of the central ideas that distinguishes modern times from the distant past. Against the Gods chronicles the remarkable intellectual adventure that liberated humanity from oracles and soothsayers by means of the powerful tools of risk management that are available to us today. "An extremely readable history of risk." ―Barron's "Fascinating . . . this challenging volume will help you understand the uncertainties that every investor must face." ―Money "A singular achievement." ―Times Literary Supplement "There's a growing market for savants who can render the recondite intelligibly-witness Stephen Jay Gould (natural history), Oliver Sacks (disease), Richard Dawkins (heredity), James Gleick (physics), Paul Krugman (economics)-and Bernstein would mingle well in their company." ―The Australian

Damn Right! Behind the Scenes with Berkshire Hathaway Billionaire Charlie Munger

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Praise For Damn Right! From the author of the bestselling WARREN BUFFETT SPEAKS "Charlie Munger, whose reputation is deep and wide, based on an extraordinary record of brilliantly successful business strategies, sees things that others don’t. There is a method to his mastery and, through this book, we get a chance to learn about this rare individual." ――MICHAEL EISNER, Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company "Janet Lowe uncovers the iconoclastic genius and subtle charm behind Charlie Munger’s curmudgeonly facade in this richly woven portrait of our era’s heir to Ben Franklin. With a biographer’s detachment, an historian’s thoroughness, and a financial writer’s common sense, Lowe produces a riveting account of the family, personal, and business life of this idiosyncratically complex and endlessly fascinating figure." ――LAWRENCE A. CUNNINGHAM, Cardozo Law School, Author of The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America "For years, Berkshire Hathaway shareholders and investors worldwide (me included) have struggled to learn more about Warren Buffett’s cerebral sidekick. Now we can rest and enjoy reading Janet Lowe’s book about this rare intellectual jewel called Charlie Munger." ――ROBERT G. HAGSTROM, Author of The Warren Buffett Way "Charlie has lived by the creed that one should live a life that doesn't need explaining. But his life should be explained. In a city where heroism is too often confused with celebrity, Charlie is a true hero and mentor. He lives the life lessons that he has studiously extracted from other true heroes and mentors, from Ben Franklin to Ben Graham. This book illuminates those life lessons." ――RONALD L. OLSON, Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP "Janet Lowe’s unprecedented access to Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett has resulted in a first-class book that investors, academics, and CEOs will find entertaining and highly useful." ――TIMOTHY P. VICK, Money Manager and Author of How to Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffett

Excess Returns: A comparative study of the methods of the world's greatest investors

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An analysis of the investment approach of the world's top investors, showing how to achieve market-beating returns It is possible to beat the market. Taking this as a starting point, Excess Returns sets out to explore how exactly the most famous investors in the world have done it, year after year, sometimes by huge margins. Excess Returns is not a superficial survey of what investors have said about what they do. Rather, Frederik Vanhaverbeke applies a forensic analysis to hundreds of books, articles, letters and speeches made by dozens of top investors over the last century and synthesises his findings into a definitive blueprint of how exactly these investment legends have gone about their work. Among the legends whose work has been studied are Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Anthony Bolton, Peter Lynch, Charles Munger, Joel Greenblatt, Seth Klarman, David Einhorn, Daniel Loeb, Lou Simpson, Prem Watsa and many more. Among the revealing insights, you will learn of the striking similarities in the craft of great investors, crucial subtleties in their methods that are ignored by many, and the unconscious errors investors commonly make and how these are counter to successful investing. Special attention is given to two often overlooked areas: effective investment philosophy and investment intelligence. The investing essentials covered include: - Finding bargain shares - Making a quantitative and qualitative business analysis - Valuation methods - Investing throughout the business cycle - Timing buy and sell decisions - And much, much more! Excess Returns is full of timeless and practical insights, presented in a unique style, to help investors focus on the most promising opportunities and lead the way to beating the market.

The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times

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The Reign of Quantity gives a concise but comprehensive view of the present state of affairs in the world, as it appears from the point of view of the 'ancient wisdom', formerly common both to the East and to the West, but now almost entirely lost sight of. The author indicates with his fabled clarity and directness the precise nature of the modern deviation, and devotes special attention to the development of modern philosophy and science, and to the part played by them, with their accompanying notions of progress and evolution, in the formation of the industrial and democratic society which we now regard as 'normal'. Guénon sees history as a descent from Form (or Quality) toward Matter (or Quantity); but after the Reign of Quantity-modern materialism and the 'rise of the masses'-Guénon predicts a reign of 'inverted quality' just before the end of the age: the triumph of the 'counter-initiation', the kingdom of Antichrist. This text is considered the magnum opus among Guénon's texts of civilizational criticism, as is Symbols of Sacred Science among his studies on symbols and cosmology, and Man and His Becoming according to the Vedanta among his more purely metaphysical works.

Wireless Lavalier Microphone for iPhone Android Camera – Cordless Lapel Mics for Video Recording, Live Streaming, YouTube, TikTok, Vlog, Interview

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- 【Compatible with iPhone/Android/Camera】: This wireless lavalier microphone set contains 2 lapel mics and 3-in-1 universal receiver, works with multiple devices: including iPhone 15 and Android Phones, Camera and Laptop. Perfect for filmmakers, vloggers, youtubers, mobile journalists, content creators. - 【Professional Clear Sound Quality】: Omnidirectional wireless microphones can 360° record crystal-clear audio to your devices. Advanced chip set can eliminate the background noise effectively and pick up the target sound intelligently, provides your video with a more excellent voice. The sponge and hair caps reduce wind noise and plosives. - 【Easy Set Up and Plug & Play】: Dual wireless microphones are incredibly easy to set up, cord free while using. No adapter, Bluetooth, or APP is needed. Just plug the receiver into your device, turn on the portable mic and the two parts will get paired automatically. (Note: If the match is not successful, don't worry, just shut down the device and try again) - 【8H Working Time and 65ft Long Rang】: Wireless lapel microphone transmitter has built-in rechargeable battery with working time up to 8 hours. 65ft barrier-free effective distance & 0.009s delay in transmission allow you to move around. Ideal for indoor and outdoor long-distance high-fidelity recording. - 【100% Satisfied Service】: Mini & Portable mics have 12 months warranty and 24 hours consult service. We provide 100% satisfied customer service and best experience. Package contains: 2 * Lapel Microphone, 1 * Receiver, 2 * Extra Caps, 1 * Storage Case. - NOTICE: For some branded camera, such as Sony Camera, it should turn down the recording volume from max to get better sound quality. We suggest you to copy the recording files to PC to listen the playback, since sound quality of playback on camera is low and distort.

Color: K70N

Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone with Auray Universal Shock Mount and Windshield, XLR

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- For Camcorders and Video DSLRs - Highly Directive with Compact Size - Switchable Low-Cut Filter - Phantom or Battery Powered - Low Battery Indicator and Shockmount for Camera Shoe

PreSonus Eris Sub 8BT — 8-inch Active Studio Subwoofer with Bluetooth for Multimedia, Gaming, Studio-Quality Music Production

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- Big sub-low end. 8-inch front-firing driver delivers smooth, accurate sub-low frequencies. - Bluetooth 5.0 stereo input ensures outstanding wireless audio quality. - Power to spare: 100W Class AB amplifier (50W RMS) delivers 100 dB SPL peak output (@ 1 meter) output with minimal distortion. That’s plenty loud! - Deep low frequencies: 30 Hz to 200 Hz frequency response. - Input gain control gives -30 dB to +6 dB of continuously variable output - Continuously variable lowpass filter keeps resonances in the 50 Hz to 130 Hz range. - Defeatable highpass filter (crossover) removes sub-80 Hz frequency content from the full-range signal sent to the main speakers for a perfect match. - Left and right, balanced ¼-inch TRS and unbalanced RCA main inputs ensure easy wired connectivity — or go wireless with Bluetooth. - Left and right balanced ¼-inch TRS and unbalanced RCA pass-through outputs onboard for connecting satellite speakers. - Polarity invert switch corrects phase-cancellation issues.

Size: 8" Sub (Bluetooth)    Style: Gen 2 (2024 Model)