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4 inch Hole Saw Drill Bit for Metal and Plywood, M42 Bi-Metal Hole Cutter 1.5” Deep for Drywall, Ceiling, Aluminium Alloy, Sheet Iron and Steel Frame

  • ⚙️【Solid and Sturdy】 The black hole saws are much solider and sturdier than the red one, they are premium hole cutters for installing recessed lights into ceiling, for punching a big hole at wall to fit a vent pipe or an extract fan, also for cable installation and soft metal cutting.
  • ⚙️【Sharp and Durable】 The cutting teeth is double layered with high speed steel, obviously thicker and heavier than the red hole saw. Strong and solid body, sharp and durable teeth, easy to punch a clean hole.
  • ⚙️【Accurate Cutting】 The increased hardness(70-80HRC) of the M42 bi-Metal and the optimized tooth geometry allow our hole saws to provide faster and more accurate cutting diameter than standard hole saws, the errors of the cut size are less than one millimeter.
  • ⚙️【Chips Remove】 The embed slug holes around the saw body are designed for removing the wood and metal chips while cutting. They are also good for reducing friction heat and improve the efficiency, due to the fact that less of total amount of material is ...
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