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IMCCZONY Sliding T-Bevel Gauge Protractor 4 Inch Mini Bevels Angle Adjustable Carpenter Bevels Finder for Woodworking

  • Small size is well-suited for apron pockets, it's small that you can have it with you all the time while you're working with odd angles.
  • duty T-Bevel is made from hardened carbon steel is perfect for , contractors, and homeowners.
  • sliding bevel gauge are handy tools when building boats, this bevel angle gauges just the right size for the tight that abound on a boat.
  • Some small where larger bevels can't fit, this little sliding bevel excels in small dovetail marking, tight corner and boat building.
  • The mini bevel gauge is easy to transfer or marking angles when cutting wood for various projects. The blade of the sides to be straight and the locking mechanism to be quick and secure.
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